Types of Surveys

How do I know which Survey is right for me? The following gives a very brief overview of the different surveys available.

Full Building Survey

The Surveyor will normally look at the complete property and give a detailed opinion regarding the state of the building, this is probably now the most popular type of report. It is particularly suitable for older properties or properties which have had major alterations over the years or properties which appear to have problems that need further investigation. A full Building Survey will vary in cost depending on the size and age of the property.

Homebuyer Report

With a Homebuyer Report the Surveyor will normally look at the complete property and give an opinion as to whether or not the house is value for money to the purchaser. A Homebuyer Report is usually suitable if the house is of modern straight forward construction and has not had any major alterations carried out.

Home Condition Survey / RICS Condition Report

A Home Condition Survey has some similarity to a Homebuyer Report but it does not address the question of value.   The RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) have introduced the RICS Condition Report which is carried out by licensed Chartered Surveyor.

Valuation survey

A Property Valuation is usually done for the benefit of the mortgage lender to ensure the finance is a viable commercial option.

A Probate Valuation will be performed in a similar way. It will be commissioned by an executor who wishes to value the property of an estate with reference to his or her obligations to the beneficiaries and any liability for inheritance tax.

A Legal Valuation in the situation of a divorce, or a sale within a family, will also be carried out in a similar way.

Topographical Survey

Example of detailed survey undertaken for a National Heritage site.

Topographical surveys differ greatly to the other types of surveys listed above. These may also be known as site or land surveys, involving detailed technical site measurement to ascertain site levels, manhole positions, building and tree heights etc. These are usually provided prior to conducting detailed design work for a development or extension scheme, to ascertain a boundary position, or for a landscape designer or architect to take a scheme forward, and to produce existing plans and elevations of buildings.

If the type of report or survey you require is not listed above , we would be more than happy to hear from you to discuss your own specific requirements. Do get in contact.