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Price Whitehead

Case Study

New Livestock Housing for Beef Suckler Herd

  • Brief - Following a fire at the farm, the brief was to create new covered livestock housing, which could be managed by one person out of hours and at weekends.   The fire damaged approximately half of the existing buildings.  The new design needed to incorporate the undamaged buildings.
  • Time Frame - As quick as possible because the buildings were needed for cattle housing.  However, it was a major site due to the land area involved.  From survey to planning consent was achieved within 5 months.
  • Constraints - Part of the site was within a flood risk zone.  The site also contained asbestos due to the fire damage to roofs.  There was also a listed building curtilage that flanked a section of the site.
  • Outcome - Transformation of the cattle accommodation and feed storage arrangements.  Existing undamaged buildings were incorporated into the new layout, with care taken to ensure that individual cows and newborn calves could be moved from yards to calving boxes, to the 'hospital' pen and back.  Dedicated pens were also included with multiple clamps allowing huge flexibility in terms of bulk feed storage.